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19th JDC Judicial Guide 
19th JDC Amendment to Rule 14 (2011)
19th JDC Mediation Program - Mediator Application 
Admissions Packet - Federal Admissions Ceremony 2017 
Advertising Rates for Around the Bar magazine
Appellate Section Application
Bankruptcy Section Application
Raffle Information to come
BRBA Membership Application
Business / Corporate Law Section MEMBERSHIP FORM 
CLE by the HOUR Registration Form 2017 -- Dec. 7, 8, 14, 15, 28 & 29 
Construction Law Section Application
Creed of Professionalism
Executive Order Number JBE 16-53     Amended version (click here)
Executive Order Number JBE 16-66
Family Law Section CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2017 
Family Law Section Application
Family Law Section Meeting & CLE - November 16, 2017 
Family Court - En Banc 
Geaux Casual for Pro Bono 2017 -- Registration Form  
General 2016-10  United States District Court for the MDLA,
Omnibus Order Suspending All Deadlines 
General Order 2016-11 - Updates existing order
Holiday Star Project Gift Suggestions 
Join A Committee Online Form
Junior Academy Partners Form
Kids Chance:     Flier    -     Story 
Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS) Registration & Agreement
LRIS Rules of Operation - for BRBA members only; a password-protected PDF
Act 290 of 2012 RS Notices of Appeal HB 1145; Local Rule 6 Resolution December 2012;
Notice of Judgment and Disposition Example 
Notice for Public Comment for Proposed Rule Change /
U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit
Order -- 23rd JDC -- regarding broadcasting or photography in the courtroom 
Order -- 19th JDC -- closure
Order -- Western District - re: Flood (August 2016)
Order -- Eastern District - re: Flood (August 2016)
Order -- Louisiana Supreme Court (August 2016)
Order -- Texas Supreme Court - re: Hurricane Harvey (Sept. 2017)
Public Notice-Magistrate Judge Vacancy Announcement (15-USDC-7)
Pro Bono Project Brochure, Interactive Pro Bono Project Form
Pro Bono SSI / SSDI CLE - October 25, 2017 
Public Law Practice Section Membership Form
Solace Requests 
Student Membership Application 
Summer CLE Registration Form 
Recording Fees - Announcement 2017 July 
Teen Court Adult Volunteer Application
Teen Court Brochure
Office of Workers' Compensation - EMERGENCY RULE: Fee increase as of Feb. 1, 2016  
Women's Initiative Network Negotiation Ethics and Professionalism CLE - Nov. 2, 2017  
Workers' Compensation Section Meeting & CLE - Nov. 7, 2017  
YLS Survival Guide - 2017 edition
Lawyer in the Classroom Program
BRBF Adult Volunteer Policies for Youth Education Programs