East Baton Rouge Parish Family Court
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Begin DateEnd DateJudgeMeeting Type
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4/4/20114/8/2011Judge LassalleFC
4/18/20114/22/2011Judge Woodruff-WhiteFC
4/25/20114/29/2011Judge Dampf (Ad Hoc)FC
5/9/20115/13/2011Judge BakerFC
5/16/20115/20/2011Judge Woodruff-WhiteFC
5/23/20115/27/2011Judge DayFC
5/30/20116/3/2011Judge LassalleFC
6/6/20116/10/2011Ad Hoc JudgeFC
6/13/20116/17/2011Judge BakerFC
6/20/20116/24/2011Judge Woodruff-WhiteFC
6/27/20117/1/2011Judge DayFC
1/28/20132/1/2013Judge BakerFC
2/4/20132/8/2013Judge Woodruff-WhiteFC
2/11/20132/15/2013Judge DayFC
2/18/20132/22/2013Judge LassalleFC
2/25/20133/1/2013Judge DayFC
3/11/20133/15/2013Judge DayFC
3/18/20133/22/2013Judge LassalleFC
3/25/20133/29/2013Judge BakerFC
4/1/20134/5/2013Judge Woodruff-WhiteFC