LA-LAW list serv

The Baton Rouge Bar Association has a newsgroup or listserv to encourage interaction and "networking" among Louisiana lawyers online. The name of the newsgroup is LA-LAW and it is aimed at networking or interaction relating to Louisiana or matters of interest to Louisiana lawyers.

The newsgroup consists of a group of Louisiana lawyers with similar interests and it is formed to exchange information relating to matters relating to Louisiana law, etc. One lawyer posts a query about a question, problem or comment. That posting will be automatically sent to all subscribers to the newsgroup. Responses can be sent back to the newsgroup for all to read by hitting "reply" or they can be sent back to the one who posted the query by copying the sender's name and pasting it in the "to" box.

Subscription to the newsgroup is FREE. We suggest that you notify other lawyers who are online and encourage them to subscribe. Although this is based in Baton Rouge, we encourage attorneys from any area of Louisiana to subscribe and participate. Since the laws of Louisiana are statewide, this newsgroup should also be statewide.

We do request, however, that topics of discussion be limited to legal queries and commentary. Please refrain from posting political advertising.

To Subscribe, simply send an e-mail to and to Unsubscribe, simply send an e-mail to

Once you are a subscriber, to send a message or query, simply send a regular e-mail messages addressed to: You must be a subscriber to post messages to the list.