Dear SOLACE members,

 A long-standing, dedicated, and generous member of the GNO legal community is requesting the help of the SOLACE community for her baby granddaughter, McKenzie.

Our SOLACE  member’s son and daughter-in-law, who currently live in Tremonton, Utah, became parents to Baby McKenzie in mid-April. McKenzie arrived at only 27 weeks, weighing a mere 2 pounds and fitting in the palm of her father’s hand.

During her time in the NICU ward during the last two months, McKenzie has proven herself to be a fighter and now weighs five pounds. She should be released from the hospital in the near future.

However, after an MRI yesterday, McKenzie’s parents were informed that McKenzie has periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), which can result in a number of complications for the infant, including a higher risk of developing cerebral palsy, developmental deficits (e.g., learning difficulties and impaired motor skills), and even blindness or deafness.

At this point, McKenzie’s parents are emotionally and financially drained and are without significant familial support in Utah. The best thing for them and for McKenzie is to come to Louisiana to stay with McKenzie’s grandparents (our SOLACE member and her husband) when McKenzie is released from the hospital and cleared for travel. McKenzie’s doctors have advised that she cannot travel by plane, so our member has arranged for an EMT to make the drive with McKenzie and her parents.

With that goal in mind,

SOLACE Request:

Can anyone assist with any of the following for McKenzie and her family:

       ·         A contact at a rental car company to assist in procuring

       an affordable, safe, and comfortable vehicle in which the family can

       travel from Utah to Louisiana

       ·         Gas cards to assist the family in their travels

       ·         Hotel accommodations for the trip from Utah to Louisiana

       ·         Airline miles to assist in getting a return flight for the

       EMT from New Orleans to Utah for the EMT who has volunteered her


       ·         Gift cards for baby needs and living assistance (such as

       Target, Walmart, etc.)

       ·         Information regarding PVL

       ·         Baby formula, diapers, and other  necessities for McKenzie

Our member is sincerely grateful for any assistance anyone may be able to provide.

She also thanks you for your thoughts and prayers for her family.

If you are able to assist, please directly contact Amanda at: