Dear SOLACE members,

A couple of months ago, SOLACE sent you a request for blood for Sandy Kaynor, an attorney with Jones Walker, who was shot outside his house by an intruder. The bullet shattered several vital organs, and he has been fighting for his life.

His wife, Grace, and their two young children desperately continue to need our help. Sandy and Grace's eight-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy has had a significant positive response to hyperberic therapy treatment.

Sandy, although still unresponsive, has started it, and there have been positive results. The problem is that his insurance won't cover the treatment, and his treatment is expected to run out Tuesday.

SOLACE is donating $1000, but that won't be enough to cover all of the treatments that will be necessary.

Dr. Paul Harch is the physician in charge of Stanford's treatment and is head of hyberbaric medicine at LSU Health Sciences Center. If anyone knows Dr. Harch, or who might be able to assist the family obtain

insurance coverage for the treatment, this will go a long way to assist Sandy on his shaky path to recovery.

If you can assist, please directly contact Helena Henderson at:


The following is a news article which appeared on WWL TV last night.