Michael S. Walsh

Taylor Porter


BRBA: Tell us about your education.
During my senior year in high school, I enlisted in the Army. After graduation, I went on Active Duty with the Army and graduated from the US Army Military Police School. After the Army, I came to LSU for undergrad. I graduated LSU and LSU Law School.

BRBA: Where are you from?
New Orleans.

BRBA: Where and what type of law do you practice?
Mostly Criminal law and civil litigation. I still do some family court work because, believe it or not, I still enjoy it.

BRBA: Why did you want to become an attorney?
I did not plan on being an attorney. I went law school specifically so I would qualify to become an FBI agent. Senior year of law school, I failed the FBI eye examination so I because a lawyer.

BRBA: If you were not practicing law, what would be your alternate profession?
Mississippi River Bar Pilot – steering the oceangoing ships into the Port of New Orleans.

BRBA: What is one thing you wish you would have known before you went to law school?
I wish I had gotten a technical undergrad degree in either Accounting or Engineering.

BRBA: Are you involved with the BRBA? If so, how?
Yes, I teach CLE for the BRBA and like to attend the various bar events – Belly Up, Bench Bar and the bar lunches.

BRBA: What motivated you to become involved with the BRBA?
When I was finishing law school, I decided to stay in Baton Rouge and practice law. I knew almost no lawyers in Baton Rouge and I figured if I was going to be a lawyer then joining the BRBA was the first step. I have been a member of BRBA since I was sworn in.

BRBA: What is your favorite BRBA activity or event?
Belly Up to the Bar

BRBA: Are you involved with any other organizations or causes?
I am involved with the Louisiana Associate of Criminal Defense Lawyers & Louisiana Associate of Defense Counsel.

BRBA: What is the best piece of advice you have received?
“It is a round world. What goes around comes around. Be nice to everyone.” I teach at the LSU Law School and constantly tell my students – be nice to everyone. One day you are going to need a favor.

BRBA: What are your leisure activities?
I like to saltwater fish down at my camp at Bayou Dularge. I also enjoy traveling with my recently retired wife.

BRBA: What is the last book that you read?
“Into the Raging Sea . . . the Sinking of the El Faro.”  The SS El Faro was a United States cargo ship that sailed into a hurricane and sunk taking the lives of 33 souls.

BRBA: Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I am a good plumber. During my summers in high school, I worked for Jay Jalenak’s dad who owned a mechanical engineering business. I learned all about plumbing and air conditioning repair. I am forever grateful for learning those skills.

If you would like to contact Mike, his email address is michael.walsh@taylorporter.com.

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