Member Spotlight

Lauren B. Reed
LA Dept. of Justice

Favorite BRBA project or event: 

Mock trial is an invaluable opportunity for the high school students in our area to learn about our legal system, public speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork, which will benefit them whether or not they desire a career in law.  I encourage all members of the bar to volunteer with this event.  

Areas of Practice: 

Medical Malpractice

What was the turning point that made you decide to become an attorney: 

I think I always knew in my heart that I wanted to be a lawyer like my father, but I explored other areas (including two years of nursing school) before finally admitting it to myself.  A law degree allows me to combine my skills with my interests and, thus, I get to enjoy work every day.


I’m always up for a new hobby, but one that has stuck with me for over 25 years is referring soccer at all levels from recreational to college.  Like being a lawyer, being a referee requires knowledge of the law, but also experience in how to apply it to the situation at hand.  

If I had more time, I would: 

Travel the world.

Where will you be found on a Saturday night:  

If I’m not dragging my husband and kids to some local event, we’re probably just sitting at home watching a movie.  

Community involvement:  

Baton Rouge has a wealth of opportunity for civic and social engagement.  I am currently active in the Junior League of Baton Rouge, Downtown Kiwanis, St. Aloysius Catholic Church, Mother’s Milk Bank of Louisiana (running the drop site at the Birth Center of Baton Rouge), and serving on the house corporation board for LSU’s Zeta Tau Alpha chapter.

Best thing about being a lawyer: 

The best thing for me is that we never stop growing in our profession.  At every point in our career we have opportunities to mentor and be mentored by other lawyers.  The strength of our profession relies on it and I believe the unparalleled quality of our local bar association directly reflects how well we put that into practice.  

Bet you didn’t know: 

I’m passionate about human milk banking.  After donating (and shipping) approximately 10,000 ounces of breastmilk, I helped establish a local collection site out of the Birth Center of Baton Rouge in partnership with the Mother’s Milk Bank of Austin (which will continue to serve our local area while our Louisiana bank is in development out of New Orleans).  

Currently reading: 

Hidden Figures, the 2018 One Book One Community selection. I also read a lot of healthcare periodicals.  

Best advise you have received: 

I wish I could remember it the way Frank Holthaus told it to us in Advance Law Practice, but he admonished us to always do our professional best.  No one reading our brief or hearing our oral argument will know how much we were paid (or not) or whether our client was a challenge to work with.  We owe it to our own character and reputation, and to the bar, to always be professional in our representation.

Favorite place in Baton Rouge:  

Burden Museum and Gardens – especially the Rural Life Museum and the Children’s Garden. 

Favorite law school professor:

This may be more a reflection of my interest areas, but I adored my time with Darlene Goring and Ed Richards.  Their passion and knowledge of their respective subject areas made for a deeply rewarding learning experience. 

How do you begin your workday?  

With three cups of black coffee and the morning Advocate.

Person I would like to have lunch with:  

I’d like to think I could sit down with anybody I pass on the street and have an enriched encounter, but if I were to choose just one person, the Catholic in me has to choose Pope Francis.  

Culinary talent:  

I make amazing omelets, but don’t ask me to cook rice.

Latest pursuit:  

I’m finishing up a Certificate in Health Administration, with the option to continue toward a full CAHME-accredited Masters in Health Administration from the University of Scranton.  Go, set the world on fire!

Advise for law students:

Do the work to complete your own case briefs and outlines.  Learning the content is important, but so is developing your own critical thinking skills.  Also, take full advantage of the skills competitions and public service opportunities in law school.  Don’t wait until you graduate – set the bar now!

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