Supreme Court announces changes in filing fees

Act 353 of the 2013 Legislative Session amended RS 13:126 increasing the base filing fee for Civil applications and appeals as well as Judicial and Attorney Discipline cases to $300.00 (the JSCF fee is now $23.00, effective July 1).  Additionally, the legislation grants the Supreme Court authority to set other fees.  Pursuant to this legislation, the court amended its rules setting fees effective July 1, 2013.  See Attachments. Act 353



Civil Matters


Appeals and Writ Applications


Replies to Oppositions






Re-submission of rejected filings




Amicus Curiae Briefs




Electronic Filing Charges


Writ Applications


Any other document


*Please note: Electronic Filing Charges are in addition to any fee charged for filing a document by the Louisiana Supreme Court




Certificate of Good Standing




Copy Fees


Clerk’s Office

$1.00 per page

Law Library

$0.25 per page (self-service)

For more information contact Clerk of Court's Office at (504) 310-2300.