Dear SOLACE Members,

Stephanie, who just turned thirty , and lives in a trailer in Hammond, is the niece of a New Orleans attorney.

Unfortunately, she recently  found a lump in her breast, is indigent and is a charity patient at Lally Kemp hospital.  After several weeks she was able to schedule a mammogram and ultrasound, and the results were not good.  The doctors  have scheduled a biopsy of the lump in her breast in mid-February.

She has no family support other than our attorney SOLACE member. She is a single mother of two small children.

SOLACE Request: Stephanie needs a good breast cancer doctor who can see her as soon as possible and perform the biopsy.  If the results are not good, she will need competent advice and treatment so she can continue her LPN studies and raise two her small children.

Prayers are also requested.


If you can assist, please directly contact Lynn at: