Dear Louisiana District Court Judges, Judicial Administrators, and Executive Director of the Louisiana Clerks of Court Association:

The Court Rules Committee has completed its Spring 2013 proposed amendments to the Louisiana District Court Rules, and these proposed amendments, as well as a summary of the proposed amendments are attached. They may also be found on the Louisiana Supreme Court’s website ( for the next thirty days. In addition, they are located on the BRBA website as well:

Interested parties who wish to comment on the proposed amendments during the thirty-day period may do so via electronic mail, facsimile, or U.S. Mail. Please submit all e-mails to Comments also may be faxed to the Court Rules Committee at 504-310-2606 or mailed to: Court Rules Committee, Louisiana Supreme Court, 400 Royal Street, Suite 1190, New Orleans, LA 70130.

Once the thirty-day period has expired, the Court Rules Committee will review all comments, make any changes it deems appropriate, and then submit a final draft to the Louisiana Supreme Court for review and approval. All approved amendments will take effect on June 1, 2013.

Thank you.
Court Rules Committee