Janie Languirand Coles

 Mang, Bourgeois, LLC


Areas of practice:

Medical Malpractice Defense.


Antique collecting and traveling.

If I had more time, I would:

Do more volunteer work for historic preservation.

What is the biggest challenge facing attorneys today?

Like most professions, to be able to do our job well with more demands on our time. 

Community involvement:

I am a docent at Rural Life Museum and support my husband's service on the board of Rural Life Museum, Magnolia Mound, and several other historic preservation organizations.

Best thing about being a lawyer:

Involvement in cases that are interesting, both the subject and the people involved.

Bet you didn't know:

That my maternal grandmother is a descendent of Chief Justice John Marshall.

Currently reading:

Ken Follett's Winter of the World; Carl Hiassen's Bad Monkey; and Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It.

Most important career lesson:

Pay attention to detail.

Dog or cat?


Mountains or beach?

Used to be beach, now mountains.

Favorite place in Baton Rouge:



If you would like to contact Janie, her email address is:  jcoles@mangbourgeois.com

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