Carla S. Courtney-Harris

Hammonds, Sills, Adkins & Guice, LLP


Areas of practice:

Insurance Defense, Education Law, Collections, Workers' Compensation Defense, Employment Law and some Personal Injury.

Biggest challenge facing today's lawyers:

Technology and rain making. Technology because of its quick advancement has caused the average American to expect immediate response. This makes it much more difficult to separate oneself from business. If a call or email comes in after hours, you don't dare ignore it or the next guy will get the call. That kind of piggy-backs in with the difficulties of "rain making." How do you set yourself apart from everyone else practicing in your area? With so many great lawyers in the capital area, you have to work much harder to do that.

Favorite artist:

Musical:  Almost anything from the '80s.
Painter or otherwise:  I still love my Georgia O'Keefe.

The last movie I saw:

In the theater, sadly, was Olympus Has Fallen. My husband and I said we would go to the movies more, but we have not made good on that just yet. On DVD, it was Zero Dark Thirty and The Call


Dad was a veterinarian with the USDA. He was the first African American to attend and graduate from Texas A & M (yes, he was an Aggie!) undergraduate and the vet school. Mom was first a music teacher, but then went back to school for nursing and is a pediatric RN specialist. Both have always been so compassionate and giving to others, and it rubbed off. I am an only child, so some might say I was spoiled. I just think I am the luckiest girl in the world. The best parents I ever could have asked for. I owe everything to them. Then I met my sweet, sweet husband, Jason. He is a hard worker, compassionate and nurturing. Like I said, I just think I am the luckiest girl in the world.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be?

That is truly a tough question as I love being me! Improvements to make, yes, but very happy to be me. If I had to say someone, I would just "generically" say someone who could speak 10 languages fluently and who could travel around the world at any time without regard to time or money.

Culinary talent:

I have none. My husband is the cook in the household. And a great cook at that. I have recently learned how to turn on and actually work a George Foreman grill! I see some glimmers of hope in my husband's eyes, but he can give up that pipe dream.

If you weren't an attorney, what profession do you think you would be in?

I would love to have studied those 10 languages I noted in one of the questions above, would have studied business and been a world renowned interpreter and international business guru.

Favorite saying or quote:

"This too shall pass." Nothing, whether positive or negative, lasts always. It is a phrase that keeps me cognizant of what I have and humble at all times.

Favorite BRBA project or event:

High School Mock Trial Competition and Holiday Star Project; it is a tie between them. I actually participated in the High School Mock Trial and it helped confirm my desire to go to law school. It was such an amazing experience and I really like assisting with this project now. Holiday Star because it gives attorneys (and their staff) the opportunity to brighten under-served children's lives during Christmas. Without this project and others like it, many, many children in Baton Rouge would not have a merry Christmas. While we MUST remember the reason for the season, it truly brings joy to my heart to see local children smile when they otherwise might not have.

Favorite law school professors:

I had three favorite professors:  Saul Litvinoff, Walter Mengis and Tom Galligan. I also loved Professors Lee Hargrave, Symeon Symeonides and Alain Levasseur (the latter two only AFTER the first year of law school was over! They were rough that first year, but I came to appreciate that later).

Community involvement:

I sit on several local boards to help organizations I believe strongly in, such as Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS), Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless (CAAH) and the East Baton Rouge Parish Overall Advisory Leadership Council (serving the LSU and SU Ag Centers). However, I want to find time to do more. There is so much need in Baton Rouge and so few resources. I will find time to do more in my community!

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